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Sample of diffrent genre and work. For additional examples go to the menu above. 

Good Boys 


To Dream

The Impossible Dream

Mind Over Media 

Play with a Key

Digital Empathy

Editor - Instructional Video

An instructional video for teachers who are instrested in using the website to introduce and analyze  contemporary propaganda. 

Teacher - Students' Award Winning Film

Poland 1942. A child is playing a game with his Jewish parents while the Nazi soldier is knoking at the door. 

Instructor - Webinar

Digital Empathy lecture to Durham College in Canada as part of their Global Class.


Award Winning Feture Film about two sex workers in Tel-Aviv who are looking for love and compassion in the City. 


Director - Fiction 

A person with OCD watch Fantasia while his house is burning. 

Director - Documentry

The story of Bil Par-Kal who lost his wife and built his house as therapy with his two sons. 

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