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Good Boys


Two sex workers in Tel-Aviv are looking for love and compassion in the City. While trying to find each other they experience the awful truth about the rough city they work in. 

The feature film won - New York NewFest Film Festival, Montreal image+nation  International Film Festival, Los Angeles Outfest Film Festival, Eilat International Film Festival.



Three people looking for a party in the desert but get lost. In their way they discover the beauty of the desert, the music, and how different their world view are.

The film won 2001 First prize of Camera Obscura Student film contest. 

My Town

Producer & Editor

This videoArt representing the infinity of our materialist and urban life won the Infinity Art Contest - modern art project sponsored by the Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. 

Music by Tal More - "Eiri


Producer & Director

Tomer is turn between his love to his girlfriend and boyfriend. When each one discovers his plan they leave him to draw his dreams by himself. 

True or False

Producer & Director

For her 18th birthday, Dorothy is celebrating with her adult boyfriend who do not miss the chance to take advantage of her. During their power struggle, she fades away to Oz. 


Producer & Director

A model is breaking up with her boyfriend the photographer. While he refuses to see his abusive relationship, she is struggling to make the ending as painless as possible. 

Fiction and VideoArt

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