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Summer Institute

in Digital Literacy

Producer, Director & Editor 

The video follows a weeklong professional development with participants and faculty. The different activities and stages in learning about digital literacy are portrayed through a dynamic sequence of collaboration and insights. 

To Dream 

The Impossible Dream


The story of Bil Par-Kal who lost his wife and built his house as therapy. The film follows a day in his life as he struggle to raise his adolescent boys and find new love. 

A Settlement in Alhambra


A theater group is fighting to have a home on Jaffa. As they work on their new production they receive a letter from the city asking them to evacuate their home in the Alhambra Theater. 

TV Productions

Tastes of the Mediterranean

Executive Producer  

For the 2001 season of the show, I worked as the executive producer of the cocking show, organizing the crew and the production abroad in Greece and Romania. In this episode, we are in a local bakery in Athens and on the beach in Zakynthos learning to make a traditional cheesecake. 

The Show Tastes of the Mediterranean was aired in the Educational TV network of Israel. 

Shavuot in the Kibbutz


For the traditional Jewish holiday "Shavuot" Motkee, the milkman of the Kibutz is prepering specila cheese and talks about socialism and idealism of the Kibutz. 

A documentry for “City Talk” - The 6:00 P.M. Television News, AZTV - The Local Television Network.

Tastes of the Mediterranean

Floor Manager 

For the 2000 season of the show, I worked as a floor manger in the TV studio at the Educational TV Channel of Israel. In this example you can see the work monitoring between three cameras and the head shots of the chef preparing the meal with his guest. The Show Tastes of the Mediterranean was aired in the Educational TV network of Israel. 

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