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On Becoming a Digital Literacy Mentor (Friesem, 2015)

For his dissertation research, Dr. Yonty Friesem spend two years at a public elementary school to explore how professional development in digital and media literacy can promote teachers' practices. The study showed how together the in and out of school support team gradually created a community of practice to support teahcers' digital and media literacy practices. By addressing the teahcers' needs, the support was effective as observed and analyzed by Dr. Friesem. Figure A shows the theoretical model of a sucessful professional developemnt in digital and media literacy. For more information, read Dr. Friesem's dissertation abstract: On Becoming a Digital Litracy Mentor

Figure A - The Bare Necessesities of a Digital Literacy Mentor

For the Summer Isntitute in Digital Literacy, between July 24-29 at the University of Rhode Island, Dr. Friesem will give a keynote on his research. For his presetaiton slides see below:

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